Kau mungkin bisa menutup mulutku, menghentikan aksiku, bahkan memenjarakan aku, tapi kau tidak akan pernah bisa menghentikan kekuatan IDE, karena 'FIKIRAN' ku dapat merubah DUNIA meski dibawah ancaman mu! (Bunga Mataharry)

Jun 30, 2011

Hacking Yourself

Hello there my Hackers...

What a nice day for a nice sharing..

This is a short conversation between me (ME) and one Turkish hacker (TH). I just wanted to share it with you. We started the conversation with the very simple questions, till I found that mostly hackers even don’t know themselves yet and it made me getting anger.

Anyway we were in my room after exploiting some Turkish Political Parties’ websites. :D

Hope you enjoy it..

1 am, Istanbul time...

ME : Are you watching TV?
TH : No, I’m watching my mind
ME : Are you listening to the radio?
TH : No, I’m listening my heart
ME : Are you driving a car?
TH : No, I’m driving my soul

ME : I see, now let me ask you about your favorites. Do you like to eat chicken?
TH : Sometimes, but I prefer to eat hacking Books
ME : Do you like swimming in the sea?
TH : Sometimes, but I prefer to swimming in the Operating System
ME : Do you like playing games?
TH : Sometimes, but I prefer to play with programming codes

ME : Well, now let me ask about your soulmate. Did you ever kiss your soulmate?
TH : Never, I just kiss my mom (motherboard)
ME : Did you ever huge your soulmate?
TH : Never, I just huge my keyboard
ME : Did you ever look at each other with your soulmate?
TH : Never, I just look at each other with my monitor

ME : Oh my God so strange. Now let me ask you about myself. Do you thing I am sexy?
TH : Can be, if your memory capacity more than 512 MB
ME : Do you think I’m interesting?
TH : Can be, if I can use you for testing three operating systems in the same time.
ME : Do you think I’m enjoyable?
TH : Can be, if it easy to use you for put a backdoor in another system.

ME : OK, my last question (I’m so desperate with the answer). If I can be like those things you expected, will you fall in love with me?
TH : Hmm…. I’m sorry (the TH was thinking for a while), I don’t think so so. I think I have fallen in love with myself.
ME : What!!! Get lost you hacker!!! (I am in anger)
TH : Hey come on, I’ve been lost since your first question.
ME : Oh yeach, now I’ve known that you’re Crazy.
TH : You’ll find that you even crazier than me, when you realize that you have been asked those questions to your own self.
ME : Oh really?? (I was starting to calm down). Ok now I’m starting to ask myself. Am I ME or TH?

Oh so dilemma…

I hope this short conversation could help you to find yourself, at least it might work with me.

Nb: Mudah2n gak kedatengan tamu diri sendiri, mudah2n gak pacaran sama diri sendiri kalo ternyata hackernya diri sendiri.

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